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Simia had a great golf outing with CTLA!

Simia at the CT Trial Lawyers Golf Outing

This Monday, Simia fought for justice in a different way than usual - by hitting the golf course! We teamed up with our great friends at the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, who were hosting their annual Stephen G. Friedler memorial golf tournament. The tournament helped CTLA’s Civil Justice Foundation raise money for Smilow Cancer Pediatric Oncology Unit, and it gave us a chance to show off our skills!

The Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association is a non-profit association dedicated to creating and maintaining a more just society by preserving individual rights within the civil justice system. Some of the many things they focus on are ensuring that the civil justice system works for all people, protecting consumer rights, safeguarding the environment, advancing the cause of those whose person or property is injured or damaged, and upholding the honor and integrity of the profession of law.

We're honored to work alongside them, and we always love the chance to get some golf in, so we're looking forward to next year's golf tournament and many great years of this partnership.

If you're interested in learning more about CTLA and the great work they do, feel free to head over to their website!

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