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Simia won third place in the "Best of NJ!"

Simia's the best in New Jersey!

Some time ago, we were nominated as one of best Pre-Settlement Funding firms in New Jersey. Over the past two months, we went up against 25 other consumer litigation funding providers, in a contest where the people who'd worked with those companies got to decide which one they felt was the best. Out of everyone competing, we were the newest company by several years, and in some cases we were going up against companies that had been around for decades.

With that, we're extremely proud and humbled to announce that we received third place! As the new kid on the block we've definitely been shaking things up and ruffling some feathers, but we never expected we'd rise this high this quickly. Its thanks in large part to all of you, who've supported us since we began and even helped us win the vote!

We were honored to even be chosen as one of the best, so getting third place is extremely excited for us. We'll keep working hard to help as many people in need as possible, giving them the advice, funding and second chance that they deserve.

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