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We've just been added to the "Best of NY" as well!

Yesterday, we were very excited to hear that we'd been recognized as one of the best Pre-Settlement Funding firms in NJ by the New Jersey Law Journal. Today, we've got even more great news. In addition to being recognized in New Jersey, our efforts are also being acknowledged in New York! That means we're being hailed as one of the best firms in our industry in both NJ and NY, and have a chance at winning the top spot in both.

To make things even more exciting, the voting for New York is currently live right now. If you click this link, you'll be taken to the survey. The first page asks a few simple questions that are required to move on to the voting, but once you're into the meat of the survey, you don't have to fill out every question.

Feel free to answer all of them if you want (although even I don't know all the companies on that list!), but if you're just looking for Simia, we're on page 5 under Best Consumer Litigation Funding Provider. We like to think that we're the best, so if you agree, make your way to page 5 of the survey and cast a vote for Simia!

It should look something like this!

It'd mean the world to us if we could take the top spot in this survey. We've dedicated ourselves to helping people and changing lives, and in the few short months that we've been running we've already made enough of an impact to find ourselves in the running. At this point, whether we win or not is in your hands. So if you're got some free time today, please take a moment to vote for us!

We'll keep you updated on how the voting goes, and we'll also check back in once the survey for New Jersey is up. Until then, take care!

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