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Simia Capital partners with eLaw

We're beginning May with a big announcement - we've partnered with eLaw, a robust web-based platform that allows users to research, track and monitor cases. There are over 100,000 professionals currently subscribed to eLaw, and several thousand people access the database every day.

Since 2000, eLaw® has been the leading web-based platform for providing critical and up-to-date court-related case information. Annually ranked as the leading docketing and calendaring software by New York legal professionals, eLaw allows attorneys to search, monitor and manage active and archived cases, dockets and court calendars in New York and New Jersey trial courts.

In addition, eLaw provides the knowledge required by legal professionals to productively manage caseloads by searching and monitoring court dates and events. Subscribers have access to federal, state and select local and appellate courts in New York and New Jersey. eLaw’s features and benefits include:

  • Ensuring that subscribers never miss a court appearance in New York and New Jersey

  • Provides Per Diem Attorneys to cover cases in all courts in New York and New Jersey

  • Eliminating manual data entry and errors by syncing with case management software, including Lawex Corp.’s TrialWorks™, Legal Labs Inc.’s LexPI, LexisNexis’ Time Matters™, Needles Inc.’s Needles® and SmartAdvocate LLC’s SmartAdvocate®

  • Ensuring office and on-the-go access by seamlessly syncing appearances with calendars, including Microsoft® Outlook® and Google as well as Apple® iPhone® and Android™ smartphones and tablets

eLaw improves case management so that lawyers can practice with confidence. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Dominick Esposito

890 Mountain Ave., Suite 300 New Providence, NJ 07974

Phone: 973-642-1440, ext. 8


Needless to say, we're extremely excited about working with them, and can't wait to see what the future holds.

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