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Simia has partnered with IME Watchdog!

At Simia, we're always making a point of working alongside those in the legal industry who seek to help others. We recently connected with the great people at IME Watchdog, and after realizing what they've done to illuminate the truth in personal injury cases, we knew they deserved a spotlight.

Daniella Levi, the founder of IME Watchdog

An IME is an Independent Medical Exam, and it's fairly common for an IME to be conducted at some point in a personal injury case. However, plaintiffs who aren't prepared or attorneys who aren't diligent when the IME happens may be badly taken advantage of. The very real concern that people have is that an IME could really be a way to destroy a plaintiff's credibility, casting doubt on the nature of their injury.

For example, let's say you injured your back at work because you were operating faulty machinery and it spun out. It's entirely possible that during your IME, the medical professional evaluating you could look at you for 30 seconds, say "Your back wasn't injured at work, it was injured because 7 years ago you were in a car accident", and then conclude that your employer isn't responsible at all. A plaintiff who doesn't realize what's happening could end up losing a case that he deserves to win, purely because of someone else's corruption, negligence or ignorance.

In fact, IME Watchdog has a video up on their site of what can sometimes go down when an "Independent" medical examination is really a hit job:

This is why you want an IME Watchdog with you when you go into a situation like this! They've positioned themselves as a company that can help plaintiffs and their attorneys defend the truth in a personal injury case, rather than being taken advantage of.

Adam Rosenblatt

They'll prepare plaintiffs for an IME and will even sit in on the IME, recording everything that happens. If the plaintiff has an injury that's taken 3 years to recover from and the IME only lasts 30 seconds, IME Watchdog will keep track of that. If the person conducting the IME begins to badger or abuse the plaintiff, or lead them down a road where their credibility might be shattered, the IME Watchdog will prevent that from happening.

IME Watchdog has been doing great work for a long time, and we're hoping they'll always be a force in this industry so that nobody's taken advantage of in an IME.

For more about IME Watchdog, you can visit their website right here.

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