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Ray's a brilliant chemical engineer who got injured at work because of the negligence of his employer. He was still paying off student loans and didn't have the money to fight them in court while also raising his kids - that's where Pre-Settlement Funding came in. The money that was given to him helped him stabilize long enough to win his case, find a great new job, and take care of his family the way he always wanted. 



After 15 years of serving her community, Carol was facing a debilitating injury and a court case that looked like it would take years to resolve. Thanks to Pre-Settlement Funding, she was set up with $15,000 in cash, which got her through the rest of her case smoothly. Now she's happily retired and can enjoy the life she earned. 


New York

Dan broke his leg on the job and was slated to be out of work for three months. After asking about Pre-Settlement Funding, he was set up with $10,000 that not only covered his time away from work, but allowed him and his wife to enjoy an anniversary weekend that would've otherwise been ruined by his unfortunate accident. 

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