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What happens when you're stuck in a sewer for 13 hours?

Confined spaces accidents are always a hazard. Defend yourself with Simia Pre-Settlement Funding!

Are you afraid of tight spaces? It's a pretty rational fear, and there are a lot of people who'd be uncomfortable with being stuck somewhere for even a few minutes. So imagine being trapped for 13 hours in a sewer, unsure if you're ever going to get out? That's the situation Roglio Esparza found himself in!

While working on a home sewer line, the ground collapsed and Roglio plummeted into an unlikely situation. The collapse had been due to an unexpected amount of water underneath, and Roglio fell far enough in that the wet dirt was up to his chest. He wasn't able to pull himself out (and could barely move), and when his co-workers tried to help him, they'd only make it worse by causing more of the surrounding area to collapse.

The Oakland fire department had to be called to the scene, and even they were unsure how to proceed with such a tricky situation. Rescue workers dug tirelessly, but the ground kept seeping in and creeping up on Roglio, who was beginning to panic and worry that nobody would be able to get him out. Eventually they had to start rotating rescue workers, because they'd spent hours in the hole themselves and were getting fatigued.

After a long, exhausting effort, Roglio was finally hurled out of the dirt at the 13-hour mark. He was immensely relieved and grateful to the fire department, and his terrified boss was by his side as he was taken to the hospital.

This incident naturally falls under the "workplace accident" umbrella, and specifically it's known as a "confined spaces" situation. These types of accidents are extremely tricky, because the closed spaces make it so difficult to pull out a worker who's stuck. It becomes even worse if the worker gets injured during his fall, or in Roglio's case, is unable to help pull himself out.

If you or someone you know has faced a situation like this because of unsafe workplace conditions, you don't have to suffer alone. At Simia, we're more than happy to take on a case like this and make sure you get compensated for your suffering and trauma. You can submit a quick application right now, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, or send an e-mail to We want to help you, so let us know about your situation.

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