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We'd love to introduce you to Lawfty!

The industry that we're in is tough. We get through it with the support of incredible people and the partnerships and relationships we've built over the years. For that reason, we're excited to spread the word about the great minds over at Lawfty. We'd love to take some time to tell you about them, but who better to do it than Lawfty themselves?

The following comes from Jennifer Roberts. If you enjoy her writing and want to read more, feel free to check out her articles on Medium!

The team at Lawfty!

How Law Firms Benefit From Working With Lawfty

We’re a law firm that has invested heavily in building a technology company dedicated to helping other personal injury attorneys attract new clients. For the personal injury law firms around the country that we choose as our partners, Lawfty Law is a unique point of access to cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology. Unlike anyone else in the legal space, we use machine learning algorithms to get personal injury cases for our partner firms. In layman’s terms, that means that we’re powered by artificial intelligence. Our algorithms constantly monitor and refine their own performance, so we’re achieving results at lightspeed. No one else has leveraged digital media and machine learning in the same way.

We also make sure to build win-win relationships with our partner firms - we invest in their success by matching their advertising spend dollar for dollar every month, and we don’t get paid unless our partner firms get paid.

Lawfty is the Future of Personal Injury Lawyer Advertising

We’re unique in that we built our own constantly evolving technology. We’re not a disinterested vendor looking to sell access to third party technologies. We’re lawyers looking to help other lawyers. As far as we can tell, we’re the only company in the personal injury space building a machine learning platform dedicated to getting more personal clients.

Our company founders are a lawyer and an MIT trained computer programmer who decided to build the next generation of legal technology for personal injury and mass tort lawyers. We began by thinking about the stock market - originally, day traders were individuals operating on a combination of analysis, intuition, and luck. They were limited by the size and speed of their own brain and their own energy level. When programmatic, algorithmic trading platforms came along, the industry was completely revolutionized. Humans began to harness the power of computers to carry out calculations faster and more accurately than individuals, and to be almost constantly in operation.

Lawfty is to law what programmatic trading is to the stock market. Our unique proprietary bidding algorithms constantly process an ever accumulating trove of historical advertising data and information, and continually refine their own performance to improve cost and volume for our partner firms.

Who Does Lawfty Choose for Partnerships?

We have a very clear idea of what a Lawfty Law partner law firm is - and isn’t.

We’re a law firm expanding our partnerships into new regional markets around the nation, but we’re only seeking to partner with growing mid- and large-sized law firms in the Personal Injury space with multilingual intake staff. We feel that those firms are the best fit for a large influx of high quality potential clients, especially considering the growing importance of Spanish speakers for personal injury law.

Unlike vendors, we invest our own money in building these partnerships and then jointly represent the clients our technology garners. That means we have to be very selective about working with the right firm. Our technology is world class and we want to make sure that the firms we partner with are adequately equipped to handle the inflow of personal injury clients that we will jointly represent. It’s of paramount importance that our partners provide the best possible representation to the clients our technology generates. We believe that good partnerships are centered around both parties upholding their side of the bargain, so we don’t make commitments that won’t work. Either party - the partner firm or and Lawfty Law - are is free to leave the partnership if the other side doesn’t uphold its side of the bargain.

Lawfty - Elevate Your Practice

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