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Don't carry buckets of acid!

Buckets of acid pre-settlement funding simia

We dedicated this week to dangerous jobs, the brave people who work them, and the terrible accidents that occur when safety guidelines aren't met. We're closing out the week strong with a cautionary tale about why you shouldn't ask employees to carry buckets of acid around with them. (That seems like a no-brainer, but apparently you really need to explain this to some people).

Phil worked the night shift in a popular fast-food restaurant that made use of some pretty intense deep-frying machines. Over time, a lot of gunk and oil build up in those, so every now and then you have to give it a sort of acid wash. There was a special powder called "Mr. Muscle Fryer Boilout" that Phil was instructed to dump into the fryer. Once mixed with water, the solution became highly acidic, tearing through the build-up in the fryer.

After about ten minutes, Phil drained the solution from the fryer into a bucket. His boss had told him to carry this to the sink and simply dump it out, but hadn't give him a lid or any sort of protective gear like goggles or gloves. In fact, the water was so close to the top of the bucket that it threatened to spill out if Phil moved it around too much. Carefully and slowly, Phil took it to the sink, but while lifting it up to pour it out he lost his grip. The bucket only jostled slightly, but that was enough to splash a small amount of water onto Phil's face and right arm.

The solution was so powerful that just a small splash began to burn his skin, and Phil had to be admitted to the hospital! He was treated for second degree burns on his face and third degree burns on his arm.

There are so many ways that Phil's suffering could've been avoided. Had his boss given him gloves or a face mask, the slipping of the bucket wouldn't have hit his actual skin. Had his boss made sure the bucket had a lid, spilling wouldn't have even been possible. On top of all that, maybe his boss could've just come up with a better system than draining the acid into a bucket and then pouring that into the sink.

Regardless, after a lengthy court battle Phil got the compensation he deserved, and was able to pay off his medical bills. If you or someone you know is in a situation where they've been taken advantage of or mistreated by their employer, we're here to help you get justice. You can submit a quick application right now, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, or send an e-mail to We want to help you, so let us know about your situation.

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