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What do you do when a car crashes into your house?

Car accident Pehlam snowstorm ice pre-settlement funding Simia

Car accidents are pretty terrifying, and we've covered a few of them before. However, you usually aren't too worried about being hit by a car when you're in the comfort of your own home. As more news has come out of the colossal snowstorm that battered the northeast last week, we've learned about a shocking story from Pehlam where a car crashed into a house!

A 41-year-old man was driving during the storm when he lost control of his car and went crashing through the house. Fortunately, the family wasn't in the area where the car collided. While three family members were upstairs at the time, none of them suffered any injuries.

The house itself wasn't so lucky. The impact of the SUV was so powerful that it not only destroyed the wall it hit, but it shifted the foundation of the house! After a hurried inspection, the house has been declared uninhabitable, and the power, heat and water have all been turned off to prevent further calamity.

This puts an innocent, unsuspecting family from Pehlam in an incredibly difficult situation. Even though they've done nothing wrong and will absolutely expect reparations from the driver, it's going to be a long time before their lives have stabilized. They'll need to either do extensive repairs to this house or simply move to a new one permanently.

In a case like this, Pre-Settlement Funding can make a world of difference to this struggling family. It can bridge the gap between now and their restitution, giving them a chance to get back on their feet and have their lives return to normal.

Snowstorms like this are dangerous! Whether it's a driver losing control of his car or a rogue patch of ice, significant injuries can be incurred during and after a winter storm. If you or someone you know is suffering because of bad conditions or negligent people, they don't have to suffer alone. You can submit a quick application right now, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, or send an e-mail to - we want to hear from you, and would be happy to go over the unique details of your case.

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