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Be careful in the days following this snowstorm!

Pre-Settlement Funding gets you through the snow with the money you need!

We're enduring an incredible snowstorm right now! Estimations are the snow will be about a foot high when all is said and done. Right now, it's important for everyone to stay inside and wait until the harsh winds calm down and the snow stops piling up. However, once the storm is over and some time is passed, the conditions outside will still be dangerous. James Duboise learned this the hard way!

While shopping in Staten Island the day after a storm not unlike this one, James slipped on a patch of ice that hadn't been salted or broken up. A fall like that would've hurt anyone, but at 78 years old, James suffered a fractured hip that ended up being debilitating. His injuries were so serious that he was rushed to the hospital, where corrective surgery was required.

Since the storm had been a day prior, the business where he fell argued that there was no way they could've cleared the snow in time. The truth is, most city laws require businesses to clear all ice and snow from sidewalks only a few hours after it has fallen. As a result, James ended up winning his lawsuit and getting a healthy payment from the business responsible. However, it took three years to get that money, which made Pre-Settlement Funding instrumental to his recovery.

Regarding today's snowstorm, keep in mind that not every business will respond as quickly as a few hours, which is why it's important to be extremely careful tomorrow and this weekend. If you assume that everyone has taken care of their property, you may end up like James.

If snow or ice causes you or someone you know to fall, they may qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding. You can submit a quick application right now, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, or send an e-mail to - we want to hear from you, and would be happy to go over the unique details of your case.

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