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Poisonous hips? We can help!

Hip Replacement Surgery gone wrong!

Yesterday, we talked about the complications that can arise from a surgery done poorly. However, even when the surgery goes perfectly, there can still be issues. That's the situation that a lot of people find themselves in after getting hip implants from Stryker, who in 2013 had to issue a recall on a number of hip replacements they'd sold.

Unfortunately, the recall came far too late, and thousands of patients had already had these hips surgically implanted in their bodies. Hip surgery is already difficult enough. It's extremely invasive and has a long recovery time. On top of that, most people undergoing hip replacement are usually older, so the surgery taxes their body more than normal. If possible, most patients would've loved to keep those hips from Stryker in their bodies, even if there were slight faults.

These hips in particular, however, had to be removed. They were breaking down once they were in people's bodies, which had the effect of slowly releasing hazardous chemicals into patients' bodies. As if filling their blood with chemicals wasn't enough, inflammation and tissue damage began to occur the longer the hips stayed in people's bodies.

The only solution was to have another surgery to remove the hip replacement. That means that patients not only had to suffer from the influx of chemicals from their faulty hips, but also had to undergo a second surgery, which was significantly more painful than the first because of the sensitivity of the area that was inflamed, damaged and potentially still recovering from surgery.

As expected, many patients who suffered through this had astronomical medical bills. Whenever possible, Stryker sought to placate victims by giving them early, low settlement amounts that would seem appealing at the time but wouldn't really cover the full extent of the damage.

That's why, for thousands of people impacted by these faulty hips, Pre-Settlement Funding was such an important part of their recovery. Rather than accepting a smaller amount of money from Stryker, they were able to hold out in court and wait for the much bigger amount they were truly owed.

If you or someone you know is suffering because of a faulty product, they don't have to suffer alone. You can submit a quick application right now, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, or send an e-mail to - we want to hear from you, and would be happy to go over the unique details of your case.

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