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What do I need to apply?

Over the past three weeks, we've covered everything we could think of regarding the world of Pre-Settlement Funding. We talked about how much money you can expect to get, when you'll get it, and what happens if you run out.

In fact, there's just one last topic we'd like to spend some time on - what you need to do to apply. After all, if you don't apply then we can't get you the money you deserve, so that application is huge!

The good news is that we've gone to great lengths to make the application process as painless as possible for you. In fact, it takes less than 2 minutes to fill out our entire online app, and once it's sent to our offices, the team at Simia can begin the process of evaluating your case and figuring out how best to help you.

If you take a look at this page, you'll see our short app. We've filtered out all the legal questions and anything that you wouldn't know off the top of your head. After some basic contact info (your name, number and an e-mail address where we can reach you), there are only four questions we ask.

In which state did your accident happen?

Are you currently represented by an attorney? Remember, if you're not that's completely fine - we'll recommend a great one for you, so apply anyway!

What was the nature of your accident? There are a few options here, but if you aren't sure which category your situation falls under, simply pick "other" or "not sure." We'll clarify everything once we talk to you personally.

Amount Requested: This is where you let us know how much money you'd like. Don't be shy! This money belongs to you, and we're in the business of getting it there. So let us know what you need.

And that's it! Once your app is submitted, we'll contact you within a day.

So now that you know, give us a call at (866) 587-4320, an e-mail at Info@SimiaFunding, or submit a short application right here!

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