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Simia is proud to be NYSTLA's newest partner!

We're happy and honored to announce that we've just partnered with NYSTLA, one of New York's strongest advocates for justice.

For a little background, NYSTLA (which stands for 'New York State Trial Lawyers Association") has been around for over 60 years, and it's been their mission since the beginning to fight for the rights of anyone who's been injured. They push back against legislation that would limit the rights and privileges of someone who wants to pursue justice after suffering an injury. They see themselves as a voice for the voiceless. As a company that prides itself on sticking up for the little guy, partnering with them made perfect sense.

What does this mean going forward? Truthfully, nothing's going to change as far as Simia's services and offerings. We're still going to be getting people the money they deserve and helping them weather the storm of a time-consuming, difficult court battle. We'll still be recommending the best attorneys and reviewing people's unique circumstances case-by-case.

With NYSTLA as our partner, however, we've now got access to an army of over 3,500 well-trained, ethical lawyers who serve as advocates for public health, tenants' groups, senior citizen groups, anti-violence groups, and a wide array of others. Going forward we'll be able to reach more of the people who need our help, and our clients will be able to rely on the power and knowledge of NYSTLA to guide them, if they need it.

If you or someone you know is in need of aid, please give us a call at (866) 587-4320, an e-mail at Info@SimiaFunding, or have them submit a short application on our site.

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