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Welcome to Simia, where we've got your back!

Here at Simia Capital, we understand the struggles of accident victims, both during and after a lengthy legal process. For that reason, we offer something called "Pre-Settlement Funding," which enables you to get money when you're in need.

Regardless of how badly you're hurt, expenses and bills need to be paid and they pile up quickly! Insurance companies know about this financial pressure, and try to offer people low amounts of money so that the process will be over quickly. With all the things that an injured person has to deal with, they might feel like they have to give in to the pressure of taking the first settlement offer by an insurance company. With us backing them up, they can do much better.

Taking advantage of Simia's pre-settlement funding can help get people through those tough few months after an injury. The money we'll give can be used to make sure bills get paid and life goes on as close to pre-accident normal as possible. With the pressure gone, people can now pursue justice in its entirety and hold out for the settlement offer they truly deserve. That’s why we provide financial support to people with pending cases. If you’re already fighting a lawsuit, we believe that getting pre-settlement funding shouldn’t be a hassle. This is why we pride ourselves on having such a fast and easy funding process.

We work together with your law firm to evaluate your case and assign you a funding amount. Once your lawyer provides us with the necessary documents, our specialists work hard to get you approved for pre-settlement funding. Typically, this happens within 24 hours of us receiving the information we need from you or your lawyer.

If you have been injured and you would like to learn more about how Simia Capital's pre-settlement funding may be of help to you, simply fill out our online form or contact one of the funding representatives now by calling (866) 587-4320. Let us help you in your pursuit for justice!

It's a dangerous world out there. Simia has your back!

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