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The Weekly 1k is back, and these people need our help!

If you're not familiar with it, the Weekly 1k is Simia's way of giving back to the people who need it most. Every week, we make a point of identifying someone who's desperately in need of funding. In addition to the regular funding that's part and parcel of our business, we give them $1,000 completely free.

However, we don't want to make such an important decision alone, and that's where you come in. Each week, we share two of the most compelling, heart-breaking stories we've come across. You vote on which one you'd like to see get the money, and we'll tally up the votes at the end of the week and declare a winner.

This week's contestants

As much as we'd love to share the names and pictures of our contestants, we'd be jeopardizing the success of their lawsuits if we did that. To keep their identity protected, we'll refer to them as Contestant #1 and Contestant #2. Please note that the pictures we're using aren't them, but are just here to serve as a helpful visual reference.

Contestant #1 - Bad Hip Surgery!

Our first contestant for the week is a delightful older woman who's really been through the wringer. Things all started years ago, when one of her hips was starting to go and she badly needed a replacement. She went to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine surgery, but they put in a hip that began to degrade once inside her body, releasing harmful toxins.

The poisonous hip had to be removed as soon as possible, which meant our precious old lady was in agony. While the hospital did give her a new hip, the pain that she endured and the setback to her recovery is unacceptable.

Contestant #2 - Thrown from a truck!

Contestant #2 is a hard-working young man that's found himself in an impossible situation thanks to the carelessness of a co-worker. He was working on moving some crates from the back of a truck when the truck driver, not aware that someone was inside the truck, decided to pull the truck up just to move it up a few feet. The quick jolt was enough to throw Contestant #2 from the truck, where he landed on his back, cracking his spine. While he's seeking damages and compensation from his employer, he's in bad shape right now. His back pain prevents him from taking another job, which means he's got expensive medical bills piling up and can't even work to offset them. Honest, hard-working people shouldn't have to suffer like this.

Make your choice!

It's up to you now. Both of these people could desperately use a free $1,000, so let us know who you'd love to see get it.

For those wondering why we don't help both, we absolutely will! Simia won't turn down anyone who's in need, and we always do everything in our power to help people get their lives on track. Rest assured we'll be giving funding to both of these people, as well as the dozens of others who apply every week for aid.

However, the Weekly 1k represents an unexpected breath of life, since even if they win their case, they won't have to pay back that $1,000. It's our way of making sure that someone who's suffering has a reminder that we've got their back.

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