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We're in the running for the "Best of New Jersey!"

Best of New Jersey Simia Pre-Settlement Funding

Great news, everyone! Your favorite Pre-Settlement Funding firm has been officially recognized by the New Jersey Law Journal as one of the best companies in the industry. Considering we just got started a few months ago, it's a pretty significant honor to be ranked among companies that have been doing this for years. We've made a point of being as honest, fair and approachable as possible, and it seems to have made an impact. Our commitment to changing this industry for the better and helping as many people as possible seems to already be working.

However, there's an opportunity for us to do even better. On Monday, the New Jersey Law Journal will be opening up surveys that cover everything from "Best Legal Research Service" to "Best Appellate Printer." We're being entered into categories related to lawsuit funding, and when we know the exact title of our category we'll be sure to follow up.

We're asking for your help on this one, because as much as we'd love to vote for ourselves, we're pretty sure that's against the rules. With that in mind, we'd be honored if you voted for Simia!

In addition, we've already forged a lot of great partnerships, and some of those partners will also be appearing in New Jersey Law Journal's "Best of" Survey. While you're voting for us, it'd be great if you could also acknowledge them and the great work they've done.

We'll let you know more when the surveys go out on Monday, but for now we'll enjoy the honor of being one of the top companies in this industry. There's still a long way for us to go, and we're looking forward to getting there with all of your help.

Simia's Best of New Jersey Law Journal Pre-Settlement Funding

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